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Providing high quality consulting services to the telecommunications industry since 1980

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2555 3rd Street, Suite 112
Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: (916) 475-1200
Fax: (916) 475-1202
E-mail: undc@undc.com
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Quality Standard

UNDC delivers high value customer-focused technical solutions to the communications industry that consistently meet or exceed client expectations. We take the time to fully understand the job requirements, carefully recruit and hire team members, and monitor performance in accordance with our Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS includes all aspects of each project from marketing, to management, to completion of the service or contract.

Our current and future clients benefit from this documented Quality Management System by the results it generates, including careful attention to customer service, metrics to measure adherence to quality, and prompt action to correct and prevent deficiencies. The TL 9000 certification are additional requirements specific to the telecommunications industry that focus on development, production, delivery, and installation and maintenance in addition to the ISO 9001 requirements.

The ISO 9001/TL 9000 certification does not increase the cost of our services, just the value of them. While a portion of the services provided by UNDC are registered as certified to the ISO 9001/TL 9000 standard, the QMS is applied across the entire corporate operations to all services uniformly. At this time, UNDC’s operation in California is certified for network engineering.

ISO 9001:2008/TL9000-certified quality management system.  TL9000 registration number TL6321.